We reached out and asked our customers what they think of our Strap Thrower, Tarp Folder and Tarping Station Safety Products, here's what they are saying:

The strap thrower is amazing, especially for short people, would be great for people that have had rotary cup surgery also, I highly recommend this product. Annette Hawkins"

Annette HawkinsFemale TruckerStrap Thrower Page

Your strap thrower has saved me! So simple but very practical and useful. As a female flatbedder it can be difficult to get the straps on the high loads. This has assured me that no matter what I'm hauling, how high it is or how much wind I got, I can get my work done safely and quickly."

Ruth VanSteenburgFemale Flatbed TruckerStrap Thrower Page

My husband hurt his arm throwing straps across the load, so I ordered him a strap thrower. He was so pleased with how easy it was to use, and the fact that he could install the corner protectors at the same time. Great product 2FI, keep them coming"

ConnecticutTruckers WifeStrap Thrower Page

I ordered the strap thrower and the tarp folder, both are really useful, I use them all the time now"

MissouriFlatbed TruckerTarp Folder Page

The strap thrower is the right price, does the job safely and stows in the minimum space needed. Thanks"

IndianaFlatbed TruckerStrap Thrower Page

Ordered a strap thrower to try it out, worked great so we ordered more for our drivers"

ArkansasFlatbed Truckers - Long HaulStrap Thrower Page

I ordered the tarp folder, what a difference it makes in the time taken to fold my tarps, no more wide open spaces needed, I can fold the tarp right at the side of the trailer, great product"

AlabamaTarp Folder Page

I haul a lot of hay, and the strap thrower makes it so much easier to tie down the load, will definitely be showing my hay hauler friends this tool"

Alberta, CanadaHay HaulerStrap Thrower Page

My days of throwing straps across the load several times were over after I fell from a trailer and damaged my arm, so I purchased a strap thrower. What a difference. No more throwing a strap over a high load, and no more climbing on the trailer to install the corner boards."

TexasFlatbed TruckerStrap Thrower Page