Tarping Station Parts List

A full list of parts supplied with our Portable Tarping Station

Parts List

In this section of our website, you will find all the parts that make up the Portable Tarping Station, with a brief description of each part and how it works. When you order the Portable Tarping Station, we supply a full and comprehensive set of operating instructions. The whole premiss of our product is important, when you are not using it, the system will fit into a storage tube, so you can take it from pick up to drop off, no matter where it is.

What you get in the package

List of the parts you get when you order the Portable Tarping Station

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4 X Pocket Mounts

Pocket mounts for attaching to trailer for uprights

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12 X Uprights

12 uprights are supplied allowing varying load heights as detailed below

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4 X Feed Over Rollers

The feed over rollers are inserted into the uprights

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Tarp Support Rod

a 2 section tarp support rod extendable fro 6' to 22' depending on size of tarp

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Line and Snap Rings - Consumables

The nylon line is attached to the tarp support rod, the tarp is secured to the rod by snap rings. The line is then fed across the rollers to the other side of the trailer to pull the tarp up, across and down the other side of the load

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Central Hand Crank Ratchet Winch

Our new Hand Crank design ensures the lines are pulling the tarp across the load evenly

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