Portable Tarping Station

Portable Tarping Station

Tarping Station Video

Pros of our Tarping Station over alternatives


  1. Portable - stays with the driver

  2. Our Price - $4,995

  3. One person can tarp a load without leaving the ground, satisfying Government regulations

  4. Tarp a load in 15 minutes or less, not dependent on weather conditions

  5. Less time tarping means more time driving, important now e-logs are in use

  6. Prolongs active employable life of any driver

  7. Safe, inexpensive maintenance free solution for truck drivers, truck companies, carriers and shippers


  1. Conventional tarping station - not portable

  2. Conventional tarping station - minimum $15,000

  3. Carrier or shipper must have tarping station or means to tarp a load

  4. Must wait for tarping station to be ready, in some cases, weather dependent

  5. More time waiting for tarping means less time driving

  6. Accidents cost time and money to drivers and companies

  7. Expensive, requires maintenance