Portable Strap Thrower

Portable Strap Thrower

Strap Thrower Video

Pros of our Strap Thrower over alternatives


  1. Portable - stays with the driver

  2. Our Price - $64.95 Fully universal with all straps

  3. One person can strap and install corner boards in one easy motion

  4. Strap a 15 strap load in 15 minutes or less

  5. Prolongs active employable life of any driver

  6. Safe, inexpensive maintenance free solution for truck drivers


  1. No all in one alternative

  2. Corner board placement tool only, does not allow straps to be thrown $23.34,  Nearest competitor Cobra at $549.99, not universal doesn't hold all straps

  3. Driver still needs to throw straps

  4. Must find alternative means to strap the load

  5. Accidents cost time and money to drivers and companies

  6. Not safe for strap throwing, Expensive