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Portable Tarping Station - Portable Strap Thrower - Portable Tarp Folder. a Safe working environment for flatbed truck drivers

New Addition - Portable Trailer Snow Clearing Tool

You won't believe what this new safety tool can do. No more fines for drivers not clearing snow from the top of their trailer. With the Snow Removal Tool, one person can clear the snow from a 53' van trailer or reefer, or most any tarped load, in a matter of minutes. It's portable, which means it stays with the driver. When you wake up in the morning and there has been a snow fall, no worries, use the tool, clean your trailer and get on the road with no fear of being stopped. Much more than that, the safety of the public is more important, no more snow or ice blowing off the top of the trailer and blinding drivers behind you, or more dangerous, shattering their windshield and causing an accident. You can order your Portable Snow Removal Tool online - Click Here

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Portable Tarping Station

Tie Down And Tarping Tools - Portable Tarping Station- We have demonstrated our Tarping station to trucking companies across the Country and we have received accolades for its simplicity and safety. It is an inexpensive solution that abides by Government regulations regarding fall protection. Our product allows the driver to tarp a full load of varying heights, up to the maximum, without the driver taking one foot off the ground. The safety of every driver is our #1 priority, if you are an independent owner operator, you know the implications of a fall from a trailer - no trucking income while you are injured. If you are a trucking company owner, then you lose a driver. Consider the cost of training a new driver and the retention of new drivers and you will see that what we have to offer is the very best solution. It's your life, your choose - BE SAFE!

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Portable Strap Thrower

Tie Down And Tarping Tools - Portable Strap Thrower - Again, our strap thrower is safer, saves time and eliminates the chance of the strap being blown back across the load when thrown from ground height. It will allow drivers to prolong their careers as long as they want to. How many arm injuries have been recorded by just throwing a strap across the load? We are a safety oriented company and we price our products so the drivers can afford them, without breaking the bank, or an arm. Watch the video and see how easy it is to mount any strap, plus a corner board and cast the strap across the load, turn the device 180 and install the corner board, in one easy motion. It's your life, your choose - BE SAFE!

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Portable Tarp Folder

Tie Down And Tarping Tools - Portable Tarp Folder - When it comes to your health, there is no comparison, without it you suffer. Jean developed the tarp folder to save his back. There's two videos here, one showing the conventional way of folding a tarp, flat out on the ground, which is fine if it's a nice sunny day with no wind. Watch it, I counted 25 times that Jean had to bend down to ground level, and these were perfect conditions! The second video is using the tarp folder, two things to note here, one, he only bends down to ground level 5 times, two, he is folding the tarp in a confined space, unheard of before the tarp folder was invented. There is no other device that performs these tasks. Save your back, prolong your working life. It's your life, your choose - BE SAFE!

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