Our Team

TEAM Is a group of people with various complementary skills, WORKING TOGETHER towards a common VISION. TEAM Members operate with a high degree of TRUST, accountability and interdependence. TEAM Members share authority and RESPONSIBILITY for self management.

Jean Pothier


Jean was born and raised in the trucking industry, with 27 years experience. Jean has trucked over 3 million miles and during that time driving, he has had time to think of, and invent devices, that will make the truckers life safer, allow much quicker turn around time, and easier physically to use.

Sandra Pothier


Sandra has over 21 years experience in budgeting, strategic planning, development and execution of financial functions and daily operations, cost analysis and financial reporting. Member of Canadian Society of Customs Brokers , holds a Certificate CSCB Introduction to Customs, Certificate of Completion, Canada Post RPS. Responsible for quarterly and Annually Tax preparation and submissions, AP & AR, shipping and receiving.

Harry Kendrick


Harry has been in trucking for over 30 years and has always believed there was an easier and safer way for truckers to operate. Now along with the 2 feathers innovations team, and "the good Lord" he will be an integrate member.

Mark Showers


Mark, another born and raised proud member of the trucking world. Quote "This wonderful industry" He worked underneath the rigs before driving. He got his license at 18 and has been driving for 36 years since. His thoughts always turn to how he can help make the industry better, so, alongside Jean and Harry he has provided valuable insights into the products displayed on this website...the end goal...to help out other truckers in the field