Watch This Space - Total Product Launch Coming Soon

1 min read
18 Apr

Central Hand Crank Winch

We have been busy making the final touches to the Portable Tarping Station for flatbed truck drivers safety. We will be publishing the results very soon. We are truly excited about the Tarping Station, it is unique and inexpensive, so no more extremely costly roll tites. Imagine not having to spend all that money on a product that costs you money even after you have bought it:

 e.g. driving - increased drag = increased fuel consumption.

The same applies to our Portable Strap Thrower and Tarp Folder, there are no other products on the market that compete with them - NONE!. 

The strap thrower can hold any strap and any corner board, from any manufacturer. Our Tarp Folder is absolutely on its own, there is no other device that can do what our Tarp Folder can, tarp folders work with any size of tarps by utilizing the grommets along the edges. 

We are in the business of Safety comes first for truckers. Any company that doesn't support that philosophy, should not be operating.

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