Video 1 -Tarping The Load On A Flatbed - Demo Empty Trailer

1 min read
10 Feb

There are a few, but let's stick to the main ones, a crane or a conventional tarping station. We are not going to go into detail, as this is a truckers website, you all know what you go through to get a load tarped.

Now there is another option, the "Portable Tarping Station" Invented and developed by Jean Pothier, a veteran truck driver of 27 years.

Tarp a load without the driver stepping off the ground

Watch our video for fall off injury solution

Solution to Government regulations

This is our statement, it works. Too many drivers have been injured falling off a trailer while tarping, it's got to stop, we are truckers, we know what an injury means to a driver, so this safety tool is a must for your well being. Check it out, give us feedback. Feedback = knowledge = improvements.

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