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01 Mar

Jean Pothier has been trucking for over 27 years and has covered over 3,000,000 miles in that time, that is an amazing achievement  for anyone who has a passion for what he does.

But that wasn't enough, through Jeans immense experience over the years, he has developed, no, invented ,tools that help improve the safety and efficiency of all flatbed drivers.

The reason behind the tools he developed was to make his job safer and easier, something that other drivers could utilize in their work routine and improve their working life to boot.

Without going into a long winded explanation, consider the following:

The average driver will haul about 144 loads a year, some more, some less. in that year straps weighing between 5 and 7 pounds have to be physically thrown over the load, so he invented the strap thrower to make this task safer and easier.

Tarping a load, some flatbed loads need tarping, some don't, those that do need assistance from the shippers yard to get the tarping done, so he invented the portable tarping station, now the driver alone can tarp the load without leaving the ground, and can do it anywhere.

When the load is delivered, the tarp is taken off and folded. The conventional method means finding an area big enough to lay the tarp out flat, then fold and fold until it becomes a manageable size to roll up and store on the truck. So, he invented the tarp folder, it can be used in any space, open or confined, it doesn't matter.

Those three tasks may not seem a big deal to you, but now add in the weather elements, wind, rain and snow, and it all changes, the degree of difficulty increases.

So, you see, this isn't just a company that makes products for the sake of making them, we manufacture our products to make your life safer and allow you to continue trucking for many years to come.

Hats off to Jean Pothier!

And all truckers, whatever rig you drive!

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