Portable Tarping Station Complete $4,995 Vs Conventional Tarping Station $15,000 And Up

1 min read
05 Apr

Tarping stations come in all shapes and sizes, from just a simple frame, to a complete enclosed building, drivers have to wait in line to get their loads tarped, using up valuable e-log hours that could be spent on the road. Some shippers don't have a tarping station, they are just too expensive, so you will be lucky if they have a forklift, plus you have to find someone to drive it. So.............

Which would you rather use:

This -

Retailing at anywhere between $15,000 for just a frame, up to $1,000,000 if you want the fully covered multiple tarping station

Or this -

One person, tarping a load without leaving the ground, ours retails for $4,995, simple, portable, safe, inexpensive and it stays with the driver to use time and time again at any pickup point.

See the video here:  Complete Portable Tarping Station Video

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