NEW! Portable Snow Removal Tool

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15 Nov

Proof Of Concept         -           Complete

Prototype Built              -           Complete

Prototype Tested          -           Complete

Over the past few months we have been working on our Portable Trailer Snow Removal Tool for van trailers, refrigerated trailers and container trailers. We have proved the concept, built the prototype and tested the product..........It works.

Below are some images of the tool in use and showing the easy method for a single driver to clear the snow from the top of the trailer without leaving the ground and taking only minutes to set up and execute.

With this tool, the job of making a trailer safe for travel after a snowfall is now a quick and easy solution, avoiding the risk of fines for the driver or company and making the tractor trailer safe for the road and protecting the public against snow blowing from the top of the trailer during transit.

We will be publishing a complete video showing the ease of operation in the near future.

Stored Dimensions

Length - 54"

Width - 6"

Height - 2 1/2"

Weight - 7 lbs

Cost - Less than a tire

This is just a taste of things to come.

We welcome your comments

To download the file, click the link below

 Image 1

Snow removal tool in place ready to sweep on container

Image 2

Half sweep complete on container

Image 3

Full sweep showing clear roof of container  behind snow remover

Image 4

Clean sweep on van trailer

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