It's Official - We Are On Our Way - 7 Province Road Trip

1 min read
12 Mar

The interest that has been shown in our products is phenomenal, so we have decided to go on the long awaited road trip.

We plan to cover 7 provinces where we can demonstrate the safety aspects and inexpensive solutions for tarping and strapping loads.


We have confirmed that we will be in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the afternoon of Wednesday May 22, 2019. we will announce where our demo is going to be held, you don't need to set an appointment, we will be there, if you want to leave a comment letting us know you will be there, feel free.

We will be updating our blog as we set up the date and time of each event, so if you are in any one of the areas, we will let you know where we will be so you can come and see first hand, how these products are going to benefit you.

This is it, we are ready..........and so are you!!

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