It's Here!!! A Brand New Addition To Our Safety Tools - Portable Trailer Snow Removal Tool

1 min read
12 Dec


You won't believe what this new safety tool can do. No more fines for drivers not clearing snow from the top of their trailer. With the Snow Removal Tool, one person can clear the snow from a 53' van trailer or reefer, or most any tarped load, in a matter of minutes. It's portable, which means it stays with the driver. When you wake up in the morning and there has been a snow fall, no worries, use the tool, clean your trailer and get on the road with no fear of being stopped. Much more than that, the safety of the public is more important, no more snow or ice blowing off the top of the trailer and blinding drivers behind you, or more dangerous, shattering their windshield and causing an accident.

You can order your Portable Snow Removal Tool online -  Click Here

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