In Pursuit Of Safety

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10 Jul

Safety is Priority #1

As a 25-year veteran of the open road as a driver and owner operator, Jean Pothier has spent many years in the Flatbed Trucking Industry. Driving over 3,000,000 miles across North America, Jean has had numerous hours to think about better ways to complete the job at hand. The years loading and unloading his flatbed trailer takes its toll on the body. Anyone who has ever pulled flatbed trailers knows the amount of physical work involved in tarping and un-tarping their load.

Hence in 2015, after a bout of bursitis of the elbow he developed a tool called a Strap Thrower, this tool enabled Jean to strap a load and install the corner boards using one tool, universal to all straps and corner boards, and it installs quickly on his extendable wash pole. No more throwing straps several times a load or climbing up on the load to install corner boards. It’s a must in every toolbox for drivers who haul flatbed trailers.

In 2017, Jean also saw the need for another invention that would allow the driver to fold any size of tarp, even in a confined space, with a fifth of the bending involved in traditional folding techniques. This tool is the Tarp Folder, another must in every toolbox for all drivers who haul flatbed trailers. No more dragging each tarp to a large flat area in the heat/cold, rain/snow or mud/puddles and especially wind. Now just fold your tarps as you pull them off your load.

Both the Strap Thrower and Tarp Folder have been the launch pad for developing a company dedicated to the Health and Safety of Jean’s fellow driver’s and owner operator’s who travel the many miles around North America.

Which brings us to 2018, Jean invented and developed the Portable Tarping Station. A must device that satisfies all the Government Safety Regulations concerning Fall Prevention and Protection. Jean’s Portable Tarping Station can be set up and operated by a single person without the need to step off the ground. It is portable and stores easily under the bunk, remaining with the truck. The Portable Tarping Station can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

In February 2019, Jean decided to make these three (3) tools available to drivers, trucking companies and shippers across North America, so allowing all flatbed drivers these necessary tools to perform their duties reducing the risks to their Health and Safety. So, 2 Feathers Innovations was founded.

Jean decided that these tools should be an inexpensive solution to aid the drivers, so prolonging their working life and reducing the risk of injuries.

2 Feathers Innovations is a company with a #1 priority in Health & Safety. Since the formation of our company and the creation of our website we have been fabricating and supplying our orders to Independent drivers, owner operators and trucking companies alike, we have manufactured over 300 of these tools and the recipients are amazed at the benefits of using them. Jean has other tools in the pipeline and as new developments arise, we plan on keeping our followers and customers up to date with future safety tools. This will further add to a drivers Health and Safety while performing their duties loading and unloading their flatbed trailers. Ensuring that the number of injuries related to the profession in flatbed trucking is reduced dramatically.

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