22 Seconds To Tarp A Load

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08 May

For those of you that have followed the Portable Tarping Station progress, here is the actual video, no editing......

You still need to read our commitment to safety under the video.. 

An Investment In Safety

There can, and never should be, a price attached to safety, it is the responsibility of Independent Owner Operators and Companies alike to embrace and implement workable and affordable safety measures into their work places.

To endorse this, our Company will give it's full support to a short term strategic partnership alliance with Companies that wish to use our safety products. Our commitment to safety is paramount and always will be, not about profit, and to prove this, we are prepared to enter into the following agreement:

Strategic Short Term Partnership

For units sold by us, up to the first 100 (Limit 15 per Company) we will implement a short term strategic partnership with the purchasing companies.

The Structure of this partnership will be:

Upon the purchase of a PTS unit(s) an agreement will be signed by both parties

The agreement will be for a period of 24 months

At the end of the term, the full price of the PTS will be refunded to The Company, paid from the net profits we have made on all of our sales.

This Is Our Commitment To Safety
What Is Yours?

We are a total safety oriented company and to show we are fully committed, we make this proposal open to all Companies that are dedicated to the safety of their drivers.

Jean Pothier - CEO

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